Caroline's Spine is an American alt-rock band started in southern California. The band first gained national attention with their recording of Jimmy Newquist's "Sullivan" - the true story of five brothers lost at sea during WWII.  Extensive tours throughout the US & Europe have refined their  "astonishing and heartfelt" performances. RIAA Gold certified, Caroline's Spine performs electric & acoustic songs with "shiny, singable rock hooks that set it apart...akin to Live and Pearl Jam." - Billboard. 

"Caroline's Spine" was the title of the solo-debut by Jimmy Newquist. Nationally released by the ANZA Records label, Newquist performed virtually all of the instruments recorded for "Caroline's Spine" under the direction of producer/bassist Dan Calderone and engineer/guitarist Joe Statt.  Jimmy performed the first Caroline's Spine "band" concert in Tempe, Arizona. The band included lead-guitarist Scott Nelson, drummer Mike Carnicom, and bassist, Bob Curran. 


Caroline's Spine was created by lead singer/songwriter Jimmy Newquist. Under the direction of ANZA Records (San Diego, CA) producer/bassist Dan Calderone and engineer/guitarist Joe Statt, Newquist performed virtually all of the instruments recorded for the Caroline's Spine self-titled debut album. Newquist’s former Grovers bandmate, Mark Haugh (Tulsa,OK) contributed guitar parts for the record and along with guitarist Scott Nelson, drummer Mike Carnicom, & bassist Bob Curran - performed the first Caroline's Spine concert in Tempe, AZ. 
Shortly after, drummer Jason Gilardi, Josh Cohen, Adam Shore & Luis Moral (Los Angeles, CA) became members of the band. Caroline’s Spine was heralded as a 'Top 5 Unsigned Band' in America by Yamaha Music Corp. To make ends meet, the band sold all their furniture and went on the road. The most famous line- up was completed when Scott Jones (Tulsa, OK), an old friend of Mark's, joined as the bassist. After four records with ANZA, Caroline's Spine signed with Hollywood Records. 
The band released two albums, Monsoon and Attention Please and made appearances on two motion picture soundtracks (An American Werewolf In Paris and Varsity Blues). They also toured around the world, opening for famous bands such as Kiss and Aerosmith. Word of mouth and extensive, nightly performances kept the band on the road for years. 
Caroline's Spine would release Like it or Not & Overlooked amidst reissues, industry samplers, videos and bootleg "live" recordings. In addition, the band took a hiatus to concentrate on family as well as other music projects. Wanting to pursue other interests, Mark Haugh, Jason Gilardi and Scott Jones departed following a short and successful tour to promote 2007's Captured release.